The Chaotic Caroling for Copulation

Reader Contribution by Jack Fernard
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Spring is in the air … I just wish it would wait until after the alarm goes off!

Photo by Fotolia/mbridger68

Cheerful chirping woke me up this morning. One might think that I would appreciate this as we moved to the out the country in order to be closer to wildlife. But alas, the robins were calling to each other long before the sun or me were even up causing me to, temporarily, miss the snowy days of silence. And can anyone tell me why so early? It’s been a little while since I’ve dated, but last I recall, girls preferred being serenaded before they go to bed, not before they get up.

And it’s not just the robins who are piercing the cozy darkness with their jarring calls. A few weeks back, I was woken at 2:00am to the hooting of owls. Now those birds are LOUD. I swear their calls were actually echoing inside of the house. Consequently, nature-boy got sent outside with the mission of chasing off whoever it was that had to be sitting just outside of the window. So there I was dressed in my boots, my coat, my hat and my much-too-thin-for-outside pajama pants wandering around in the snow looking for owls. (And they say nightlife in the city is crazy!) Much to my amazement, it wasn’t just one owl, but four that found my backyard the ‘place to hang out and meet chicks’ (pun intended).

But with spring comes new life. And it will only be a matter of weeks before the birds which were so intent on being the first to greet the morning, are themselves being harassed by younglings demanding to be fed. To which I say, serves them right! Come to think of it, my youngling is pretty vocal about food too.

Photo by Fotolia/Steve Byland

‘To everything there is a season’ and right now that season is for the birds — literally. But if I’m honest, I do wish them all the best. Their chaotic caroling reminds me of how fast time moves and that sunny days are finally upon us. And longer warmer days means that it’s time to get it in high gear for the garden. And that’s as good a reason as any to get up early.

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