The Calendar Says Spring Is Only 16 Days Away

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It’s the first week of March and spring is only 16 days away but it’s hard to believe right now with all the snow we’ve had in the last week or so. The weather continues to be up and down. After a snowstorm on Sunday, we had rising temperatures and freezing rain on Tuesday. Thursday, the temperature will plunge again to single digits, but then next week it goes into the low 50s.

As an animal lover, I’ve been watching all the critters out here, and they are definitely saying spring is on the way.

The ones who hibernate are now waking up with big appetites! They are scouring the ground around all the bird feeders for anything they can find.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the ‘possum a couple of days ago. He looks pretty thin and his fur isn’t in great shape, but he seems to have fared pretty well through this strange winter.

The chipmunks are also awake and running around, making new tunnels. I named them Alvin, Simon and Theodore!

The black squirrel is a daily visitor along with the little red squirrel and the fox squirrels.

In the past, I had three bunnies who would show up every evening, but their numbers are growing! The original three must have sent an email to all their friends because now seven bunnies show up every evening! You can set your watch by them. They come scampering in at exactly 6:45 pm every evening, always from the same direction, to munch the carrots I put out for them

I’ve named them the “magnificent seven.”

The beautiful pileated woodpecker is also here every day now, pecking at the suet in the feeders around the property.

It’s been a long winter so I hope the calendar is right, that spring is only 16 days away!