Frogs on the Homestead

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader
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I love attracting all kinds of critters to the yard. I get so much joy out of seeing birds, butterflies, squirrels, rabbits, lizards, frogs and toads. Since we put in a pond several years ago, we have attracted quite a few frogs, but this year we seemed to have more than ever. It made me think about the plague of the frogs from the Exodus story.

I love having the frogs hanging out in and near the pond. One of the things that I really wanted to capture with my camera was a frog on lily pad. I just find that such a cool sight. Over the years I have dealt with noisy frogs and it didn’t affect my husband at all because of his hearing loss. But now that my husband has restored hearing, the frogs have been too much for him to handle. They have been definitely affecting his sleep so he was working to relocate them away from the bedroom window. It was sounding like someone crying all night. I have become accustom to them over the years so it doesn’t affect me as much. 

I was amazed when he told me that when he went out by the pond early in the morning, that he counted 18 frogs. It seemed the frogs had decided to use our pond for some major mating. It is something that I could have gone without seeing. I felt a bit traumatized like some of my innocence was stolen. My husband showed me all of the tadpoles and I don’t think that I had ever seen so many in the past. There were strings of tadpoles all throughout the pond. 

The last few nights have been quiet and I have not been noticing the frogs near the pond. My husband said he saw some of them hanging out near the blackberry bushes. It seems like maybe they were done with the mating. It is nice that it is quieter, but I still hope some of them hang around. I read that they eat mosquitoes and I definitely want help with that since I get eaten alive every mosquito season. Now I have a dog that I have to be worried about as well when it comes to mosquitoes. 

I like seeing the frogs and we always have a variety of sizes. We have the cute little frogs and the not so cute big frogs. I like the ones that aren’t affected by our presence and just hang out. It is so unnecessary to me the ones that have to jump in the pond and hide whenever we come around. 

I hope my husband can get used to the noise and just embrace the sounds of nature. I prefer the noise of the frogs to our loud train whistles. Also the frogs don’t shake the house whenever they are around like the trains do so often. They are a fun part of our little ecosystem that we have on our humble little homestead. 

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