Birding on the Homestead

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When we moved to our little homestead, I never imagined that it would be such a wonderful place to discover different birds. It has really become something therapeutic and exciting for me as I constantly look for new birds. Even after four years on the homestead, I am still seeing new birds.

Just this week I saw a new bird, the Northern Flicker. In fact, I have seen several new birds this year. I get so excited each time I see a new bird and work to identify it. I would think after all this time that there would be no new birds visiting the homestead, but lucky for me, they still come.

I really credit my husband and his green thumb with making our yard a place that attracts so many different types of birds. Most every morning we have gorgeous Blue Jays at the feeder. It amazes me how something so beautiful can be so loud. I never tire of the beautiful Cardinals. Some other favorites are the Painted Bunting, Eastern Blue Jay and Hummingbirds.

Part of my morning routine is filling up the bird feeder and the birdbath. It is fun to see the birds drinking out of the bath and taking baths.  I feel like I have done something to help them out and that makes me feel good. I like seeing all the little holes in the yard from the birds taking their dirt baths.

I really try to pay attention to the different birdcalls and when I hear something new, I am on the hunt to see the new visitor. I still have a lot to learn. I think I am pretty good with the Cardinal and the Wrens. I think the Blue Jay yell is the easiest one.

So far, I have counted 34 different bird types that have visited our humble homestead. I am always trying to capture good pictures, but it can be a challenge. I do my best not to scare the birds off. The backdoor with my long-range lens is often a good place to capture something. I have only had the camera for a few months so I really am trying to make up for lost time and hoping all the birds that have visited before will come back for a photo shoot.

Since it is a new season, I am looking forward to seeing the fall and winter birds visit our feeders. I am really trying to attract the American Goldfinch, but so far, I have seen only one. I love my backyard sanctuary.

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