Spring Fiber News

Well its been a rainy spring here in Connecticut! Not too enjoyable for the farm animals, but the good news is the gardens have taken off and are doing extremely well. I’m very happy about that.

During the rainy period I spent a lot of time inside so I decided to take advantage and do some mystical fiber blends with wool and other fibers to spin. I have my own drum carder, which is a tool that blends fiber together by brushing them smooth all into one direction. It’s a lot of fun to do my own batt blends. I call them mystery batts because you never know what fiber will turn up in them. You may find any of the following, alpaca fiber, sheep wool, silk, soy, angora bunny wool, angora goat locks and maybe even tiny colored threads all cut up to add character.

Most of the batts are OOAK (one of a kind), SO the past few weeks I worked on the following batts and CraZy handspun yarns to be sold in my farm shop or on my line Etsy shop to knitters and spinners. The following pictures shows you a little bit of the work that has been done here the past few weeks.

The critters are glad the rain is over so they have been spending more time outside once again. A sight I missed during all the rain.  

Published on Jun 12, 2011

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