Secrets In a Horse's Eyes

“The eyes of a horse hold secrets beyond the

universe.” – Anonymous

It was March, 2009.  I was in Arizona visiting friends who own a horse farm.  One beautiful afternoon, I was in the pasture admiring a beautiful

Arabian gelding.  Now, understand that I am a horse-lover, especially of Arabian horses and he was a beauty.  We stood there for awhile – him

enjoying having his neck rubbed, and me appreciating the opportunity to spend time with this horse and the four other horses grazing nearby.  Suddenly,

I heard dogs barking and hooves pounding the ground.  The last thing I remember is being pushed and looking at the cement-like ground as I fell to meet


Apparently, a neighbor let out her herding dogs and they decided to do with they do best – herd the horses in the pasture.  I can assure you, being

caught in a horse stampede is not for the faint-of heart, but, fortunately, my injuries were not life-threatening.  I was extremely lucky.

A day or two later, I was standing by the fence of that same pasture, again petting the beautiful gelding, when a friend came by to inquire how I

was.  As we talked, I looked past the Arabian and there was my lost-during-the-stampede-baseball cap in the middle of the field.  I turned back to

my friend and mentioned that I needed to get it, and we resumed our conversation.

Suddenly, he said, “Karen, turn around!”

I turned around to see the Arabian trotting back from the pasture with my cap in his mouth.  He brought my cap to me, turned and trotted off.

For a moment, my friend and I were speechless.

Then he said, “If I had not seen with my own eyes what just happened, I would never have believed it.  After you commented about your cap being in

the field, that horse went over, picked it up and brought it back to you.  I’ve got goose bumps.”

So did I.

My Arabian Gelding, Sir


Published on Mar 22, 2012

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