Top 10 Things to Love About Guineas

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I just love my guineas!  I know a lot of people are apprehensive about getting them due to the noise and the fact that they occasionally “fly the coop,” but they are wonderfully fun little birds, so if you live far enough in the country that your neighbors won’t be bothered by some noisy birds, why not give them a chance?

  1. They are so ugly they’re cute!

  2. They make wonderful garden pest control and they don’t tear up your plants too badly.  They just like to keep a spot clear for dust bathing.

  3. Guineas provide a built-in alarm system!

  4. Guineas hate snakes as much as I do!

  5. They are very amusing to watch.  They strut around like they own the place and they always want to be right where the action is!

  6. They are easy to care for.

  7. You do have to feed them, but not that much if they free range.  They prefer the bugs they catch themselves!

  8. Speaking of bugs, they love to eat ticks and mosquitoes!  We rarely find a tick, and we seem to have many fewer mosquitoes compared to nearby places we visit! 

  9. Their eggs are delicious!  With an amazingly thick shell, and dark orange yolks, these rich eggs are my favorite ones to eat on the farm!

  10. We have no shortage of beautiful feathers for craft projects, as we are constantly bringing them in from the yard!

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