Why I Need to Spend Time with My Chickens

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader
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This past week I was away from home more than I usually am. This meant that I did not have the usual amount of time to spend with my chickens and that actually stressed me out a little bit. I was worried about the girls not getting enough social time and I didn’t want them to be bored. I also hated not being there to check on them and make sure they were okay.

I only have two chickens and when I first started raising chickens, I read about them being social creatures. An article I read talked about how important it was to spend a lot of time with chickens especially if you had a small flock. I have always taken that to heart. If I don’t get the good quality time with them, I feel like a bad chicken mama.

Since our chickens are pasture raised, they spend all their time in the backyard and only use the coop for sleeping and laying eggs. I always keep an eye on things as much as I can because we never know when a predator could come. Fortunately, we do have many places for the girls to hide and they seem to be pretty aware of their surroundings. They spend a good deal of time under our deck and it is a good place for keeping them safe. The airborne predators are what we mostly deal with in our area.

Except for when the weather is bad, I do enjoy spending time with the girls. It is relaxing for me and gets me out of the house. I like to go outside, grab a stool and sit down. If they are under the deck, they will usually come out and hang with me. They just stay near me and do their thing.

I think they did miss me this week. When I finally was able to spend time with them again they were right at my feet and they were talkative. That actually made me feel good. I like having them close. I certainly want them to have enough social interaction and I don’t want them to be bored. Their happiness is important to me and for the most part, they seem happy and healthy so maybe I am not such a bad chicken mama.

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