What to Feed Your Chicks (Video)

By Staff

Because there is a difference. All new chicks need a starter diet, but these options very. For example, meat birds will need more protein. Chicks that will go on to produce eggs will need different feeds depending on the nutrients you want to get out of those eggs. And yes, there’s more: whether your little flock is vaccinated against coccidiosis will decide whether they should eat medicated or non-medicated feed; there is a time when you can start healthily introducing treats and scraps into their diet, and it shouldn’t be too early. Simply keeping in mind how much feed a flock of chicks can go through in a week is vital to keeping them full of fresh food (and water).

This video is here to help, laying out the differences in feed based on the what your chicks will grow up to become. Your healthy baby chickens are going to eat a lot. Make sure their feed is the best it can be.

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