Those Awkward Tweenage Weeks

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Everybody loves the balls of fluff that are newborn chicks. They are so soft. They are so tiny. They peep so quietly. They spend much of their time either piled up with their chick brothers and sisters, sleeping, or conked out face-first in the brooder (or even in the food dish), also sleeping.

We were at that stage of newborn chick adorableness just four short weeks ago.

Now our chicks have hit the tween weeks. They have reached that stage where they are the slightly more awkward equivalent of what they will look and act like as adult chickens. They run around like maniacs (with no real place to go) on their long, gangly legs. Their fuzz has half-morphed into feathery plumage. They raid the chicken equivalent of the refrigerator – their food dish – at a dizzying rate. They squawk loudly, and often, for no apparent reason. They are also funny and endearing and evolving into their own quirky personalities.

I suppose many people don’t find tweenage or teenage chicks nearly as adorable as their chick counterparts, but I happen to find them equally as lovable and charming. Perhaps, however, these chicks have faces that only their “mother” could love? My husband took these photographs of our tween chicks last week as they posed (or, rather, perched) on my great-grandma’s buffet – I am not so sure what she would think about chickens hopping around with the china!

You decide: cute or awkward (or perhaps a little of both)