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After dealing with multiple chicken losses, we finally brought in some new flock members. We were down to two hens and my husband felt they were bored and needed some new friends.

I am always hesitant to get new chickens since it is always uncertain about how the new arrangement will be. I did finally give in and we brought home three pullets of all different breeds.

Our two original chickens were spending a lot of time crowing and my husband was convinced that the crowing would stop with a new flock. It did not cease immediately, but it has overall been quieter on the homestead.

We were convinced that our original chicken Buster would be hardcore with the new girls since she has always been that way. It turns out that our sweet little Nailie has been the bigger bully.

My husband says that Buster is letting Nailie be the muscle so she could mellow out in her old age. I do see her go after the new chickens some, but Nailie definitely does much more.

The three pullets get along pretty well at times, but they are always going after each other. It’s rumble on the homestead. They are funny to watch when it happens.


All the chickens are bantams, but our Andalusian seems pretty big. I feel so bad for her because even though she towers over everybody, she is the low one in the pecking order.

When I look at her and how tall she is, it reminds me of a model. She even looks like she has painted toenails and lipstick. We named her Andie.


Our Blue Rosecomb bantam is named Katana. She is the smallest one of the bunch, but I think she is a bit of a bully. I like to say she has “little chicken syndrome.”

I think she is very pretty. She also looks like she wears lipstick.


The last of the girls is a Bearded D’anver. We named her Sage and both my husband and I seem drawn to her most of all.

She is the most social of the bunch and is definitely the bravest. She comes closest to our new puppy. I love her face.

I think the girls are adjusting to their new home. It took them awhile to figure out that we came bearing treats, but now they have it figured out.

It is difficult to catch them and I sure wish that wasn’t the case. Our old flock members seem to have finally embraced them although they do make sure that the new ones know their place in the pecking order.

So far the new girls are so quiet. They are not laying yet and I wonder just how loud they will be once they do. Right now we have no one laying so it will be nice to get some eggs again.

We got a new puppy just one week after we brought the chickens home. We are hoping to raise him right so that he can be a good protector of the girls.

The chickens did come from a home with dogs and the puppy was in an adjacent yard with chickens. We hope all will get along.

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