My Pet Chickens

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I am not sure if people would consider two chickens a flock, but that is what I have. They are my girls and I am very protective of them. I ended up with chickens when we had a stray chicken wander into our yard. We had no idea where it came from and really didn’t know anyone close to us that had chickens.

My husband wanted to have chickens so we bought one other chicken to keep the stray company. We have a small place so it was not practical to get many chickens and we were just starting out. We were figuring things out as we went along. It wasn’t long before I took over most of the caregiving and they became my pets.

I read early on about chickens and that they were social creatures. I learned that if you had a small flock of chickens then it was necessary to spend extra time with them. I really aim to do this. On days when I don’t get to spend as much time with the girls, I really hate it and hope they are okay. I do my best to keep them from getting lonely or bored.

Generally, I go outside, find a spot and sit down. They usually come to me and they hang out and do what chickens do like eating grass and scratching around for bugs. I enjoy these times with the girls. It is relaxing and I get to observe the girls to check for any behaviors that could signal something is wrong. 

I wouldn’t mind having more chickens and we did actually have three at one point, but one died. We don’t have the best set up to keep new chickens in quarantine or to isolate them from the other chickens for a time. I don’t want to bring in a potentially sick chicken that could infect my girls.

What I do like about just having the two chickens is that I can easily keep track of them and clean up after them. I know their individual sounds and personalities. They are as much my pets as my cat. There is just that added bonus of the yummy eggs.