Gardening For The Girls

With our new chicks arriving in early March, it is time to get their gardens ready. Yes, my Girls have their very own gardens. In September of 2013, I wrote and published my first eBook, “Gardening For The Girls.” Growing supplemental feed for your flock is not only a great cost saver but it is a wonderful way to add healthy additional feed to your flocks diet, which benefits their health, and the nutritional value of the eggs they lay for us. 

I lost three hens in my first flock to poisonous plants while free ranging and so now my girls only have secured free ranging in their run or in chicken tunnels made out of fencing. Because this limits the greens available to them, I grow many forms of supplemental feed for the flock and offer it weekly. 

Always provide a healthy well balanced high quality poultry feed to your flock in order to provide them with the nutritional balance they need. Growing supplemental treats in the form of greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains is not only of nutritional value but a great entertainment for the flock. Edible flowers and herbs are also wonderful additions to the flocks diet and their coop environment. 

One of my girls’ favorite veggies is cabbage. They love it when I hang a head from the top of their run and they can peck at it. It looks like a chicken volleyball game. This keeps them occupied and entertained for hours. It provides exercise and green vegetation for them, is great for their diet and the eggs they produce. 

Even in the winter I grow greens for the Girls in small hoop houses made over the top of my raised beds. 

You can read more about the many treats and supplemental feed I grow for my flock and the many ways to grow them in my eBook available at Amazon for Kindle. 

Gardening For The Girls

Make some raised beds or gardens or even window boxes right near your flock’s coop and give them the many benefits of home raised greens and treats. 

Susan Berry is a horticulturist, homesteader and writer. She owns Itzy Bitzy Farm located in North Carolina, with her husband, Don, their two dogs and a soon-to-be flock of 24 feather babies. Susan also raises and sells organically grown asparagus crowns, raspberry and strawberry plants through her online store. 

Follow their homestead adventures and visit the online store at Itzy Bitzy Farm.

Published on Feb 6, 2014

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