Egg in an Egg

Reader Contribution by Erin Baldwin
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What a surprise!

Yesterday evening on our trip to the coop to collect eggs from our flock of Black Australorps we discovered an unusual find. In the box was a gigantic, light brown egg, almost three-times the size of a normal egg.

We took it inside and placed our bets. One yolk, two yolk, or maybe it was even a triple-yolker? Tanner thought it might even contain a baby dinosaur (and I was a little wary to bet against him looking at the size of this thing). 

The family peered over the bowl as Tanner gave it a crack. To everyone’s excitement out came a yolk and another small egg!

According to, this egg variation is known as a double egg or “egg in an egg” and is “created when an egg with a shell is encased by the next egg in the oviduct and another shell is produced over the outer egg as well.”

It was such a neat discovery!

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