A Day in the Life with My Chickens

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader
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Amanda McHenry

My average day with my chickens is fairly quiet and routine. I make sure the girls come out of the coop just fine. I give them food and water and just check that all is well. They spend time digging around the yard, dirt bathing, and begging for treats. Or course they give me eggs. I love to just watch them. They all have their own cute personalities. 

Occasionally, the routine is messed up and things are not so quiet and easy going on the homestead. After a mostly sleepless night while trying to nap, our usually quiet Katana just would not shut up, and I figured it had to do with the nesting box situation. But I did have to make sure it wasn’t something else like a cat or other predator. Once I did that, I moved Sage out of what Katana thought was her nesting box to try to smooth things over, but it did not work for long. I was definitely not a happy camper. I was glad when both girls finally laid their eggs and it was quiet again. 

I decided to give the girls some treats, but noticed that our sweet Andie was not coming around for the food. This is most unlike her. I looked up and noticed she was on the other side of the fence in our neighbors yard. I wasn’t sure if she flew over or found a hole in the fence. She was not figuring out how to get back over so it was up to me to help her.

I tried just encouraging her to come to me, but that was not working. She kept trying to come through the fence, but of course that was not an idea that was going to work. Lately she had given me the submissive squat, so I hoped she would be easy to catch, but the way my day was going, it could never be that easy. I finally did manage to catch her and put herback where she belonged. I made sure to give her a treat since she had missed out while she was on her adventure.

I would like to know what she was thinking when she went over to the other side. Was she bullied? Did she think there was something better over there? I hope she learned her lesson and will not be visiting again any time soon. It has been a long time since we had a chicken make its way over to the neighbors. Another neighbor’s dog has also been making the trip into their yard too. There must be some attraction. 

I really appreciate the easy going days with the chickens. I never tire of them at the back door looking up at me with begging in their eyes. I love seeing them just doing their chicken thing. I like when they follow me around and act like they want to spend time with me. I love all their noises, and I usually can tell from inside who is speaking. They bring me much joy, but occasionally they bring a bit of chaos. 

Photos courtesy Faithful Homesteader

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