Winter Preparation

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Over the years, GRIT has featured many articles that are handy
for planning for winter, dealing with winter, and finding tools to
help with winter. We have gathered them all in one place with
the hope of making your winter transition as easy as possible.


Share your own tips…find tips from other readers and add a few winter tips and tricks of your own. Or, check out more wintery articles in our archives.

Winter Clothing: Stay Warm and Pursue Winter Activities
Manage your body heat with the appropriate winter clothing to get the most out of winter activities.

13 Tools to Tame Winter
Get equipped to handle snow and ice.

19 Ways to Prepare for Winter
Tips to ponder before and after relocating, from a couple who’ve done it.

A Time to Prune
Make a few winter cuts to keep trees and shrubs in shape.

Cut Your Heating Bill
Ten ways to decrease your energy costs this winter.

Firewood Warms Body & Soul
Whether you buy or cut your own, these tips will keep you from getting burned.

Published on Aug 22, 2013

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