Sierra Her Way

Reader Contribution by Nancy Addie
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Sierra, my wannabe mountain goat, decided that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence (which is true by the way) and wiggled, squirmed, pushed and grunted her plump little body under the fence to chow down. Soon she was chasing the three llamas in their pasture away from little patches of plants. Dillon, her companion and typical goat-in-crime, tried to follow her and got stuck half way under the chain link. He is a bit chunkier than she is and backed himself out then BAAAAA’D at her to come back on their side.

Sierra was too busy eating to notice that only she made it to the pasture of plenty. Dillon trotted back and forth along the fence (which is what Stormy does non-stop) Baaaaaawing at her to come back or help him sneak under. All day, she ate while he baaaawed, she ignored, he ran back and forth, she chowed down more and more, he cried louder. After about six hours of this, I went out there to chase her back but she was having too much of a ‘weed feast’ and ran away from me! So now we have one frustrated, crazy farmer lady chasing a little black & white goat waving her arms as three llamas were galloping to one end of the pasture to the other trying to stay out of the way as we ran past them like a couple of nuts on the loose from the ‘funny farm’!

I always forget how fast a stubby goat can run until I’m chasing one! After 10 minutes of exercise I didn’t need or want, I gave up. I left her there looking all smug & satisfied that she got her way … again! I walked through the gate, past Dillon who was still baaaaaawing and demanded he “shut up”! He looked up at me with a surprised look in his beady eyes and cried even louder, which made Sierra causally walk to the gate, brush past me and get on her side of the fence! Both goats then trotted to the barn and went inside. Really?! Seriously?! REALLY?!

Sierra and Dillon, the staring goats.

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