RIP Laci

Reader Contribution by Nancy Addie
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I should train myself NOT to look out the window early in the morning to see what the naughties are doing. It is too stressful! I pulled back the curtain to see what was going on in the field and I spotted Lacy, the mini-tank horse, laying halfway in the barn door. Dunkay was trapped in the barn with his head poking out while mini Sparky and both goats were stuck outside trying to get back in! Like an abandoned battlefield tank, Laci was laying completely still, head down, not moving a muscle. I truly thought she was dead. She likes to lie down in the middle of the field at times, but in the middle of door way?!

I was still in my pink nightmare jammies, so I darted from window to window trying to get a different view to see if she was moving. I even unthinkingly knocked on one window which is silly because certainly they can’t hear me from that far away. Somehow though, both goats perked up and looked my way happy to hear human sounds. I swear they have the ears of an elephant when it comes to the possibility of food!

I, of course, woke Chad up and compressed a novelette of words in less than 3 seconds about how Laci was laying in the doorway, possibly dead, and that the other animals were perilously trapped! I yelled that he needs to get up NOW and go do CPR before we lose her!! He, characteristically, looked at me with one eye open and a ‘here she goes again’ look mumbled something about the ‘horse is sleeping, leave her alone … I am sleeping, leave me alone’. I pressed through his heartlessness and insisted he get up, save my horse, and comfort the ‘sure-to-be-distraught’ barn clan. He opened both eyes at that point, locked onto mine, narrowed them momentarily with a look that may not go with him to heaven and rolled over.

I knew time was of the essence and couldn’t waste one more second on this man, who for an instant looked quite similar to Laci as he too lay motionless. I shed my one piece, legged pink fluff nightgown and donned my also pink denim Carhartt barn clothes complete with rubber pink boots.

By the time I outfitted in my superhero attire and approached Laci, she barrel rolled over and looked up at me with joy in her eyes knowing that breakfast was going to be early this morning!

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