Life at Mudville

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I can’t believe the Fourth of July has come and gone already. I know I say this every year, but where has the year gone?

It doesn’t seem like too long ago we were shoveling snow and freezing. Now, you’re mowing the grass and sweating!

Samson and Delilah seem to enjoy this hot stuff. Sometimes I forget that their heritage goes back to Sicily where I’m sure it’s hot.

Both Samson and Delilah love clover and their pastures have quite a bit of it. Unfortunately, they can’t eat fast enough so the hay grows up taller than their shoulders. Sometimes, all I can see are their big ears poking up. So John mows it down, making paths for them to walk to their sand piles and around each pasture like a maze.

Delilah is an eating machine! She doesn’t eat to live; she lives to eat, as the saying goes. If she hears me or sees me working in the garden, she gives the most pathetic bray, telling me she’s hungry. I usually give in which is why I’m going to enroll her in Weight Watchers!

Samson, as always, is totally committed to the neighbor’s cows and calves. If he’s still locked in his stall when the cows come to the pasture, he lets out with the loudest brays, calling me down to the barn to let him out. He’s very attached to the herd, HIS herd. He and several of the calves have developed a close relationship and rub noses through the electric fence! Sometimes, the cows move along grazing too fast in their pasture and Samson has to run to catch up, kicking his little hooves in the air.

The Fourth of July was an unnerving time for all of my critters. We had a lot of fireworks going off all around in the evening.

Samson and Delilah weren’t too happy with the booming and the flashes of color. Samson ran around his stall kicking up his heels, almost in a frenzy. Delilah is usually laid back but I could tell she wasn’t too happy either. I hated to do it, but we closed all the barn doors until it got quiet. They seemed to be happier if they didn’t have to see or hear the loud explosions.

Ah, life is sweet at Mudville!