Delilah Bruises Her Hoof and Samson Acts Up Again

Reader Contribution by Ginnie Baker
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Life on the homestead is never dull, especially when it involves Samson and Delilah. In the last few years, since the two of them joined life on the homestead, I never take a calm period for granted!

It’s a good thing the vet isn’t too far from here because he comes out on a regular basis for one thing or another involving Sammy and “D.” I never knew two little miniature donkeys could keep things so active since the day they arrived on the homestead in the back of a mini-van.

This past week, Delilah badly bruised her right front hoof. She foundered a couple of years ago so if she begins to limp, I immediately call the vet to come out and check her. When she foundered, she was in a lot of pain because of the inflammation. She ended up on some very strong medication, taking 21 tablets a day!

Delilah is a very gentle girl, never acting up even though she can be stubborn at times, and if something’s going to happen, it’s going to happen to her.

The vet, Dr. Phil, came out immediately to check Delilah’s hoof and to give them their yearly shots. He took a lot of time to check her hoof and determined that she wasn’t foundering, thank goodness, and that she really bruised it on a rock. She was so patient while he trimmed her hoof, poked at the tender part, checked for any signs of foundering and gave her a big pat for being so good.

All the time he was kneeling down checking Delilah, Samson tried to grab Dr. Phil’s belt from the back, tried to get the tools out of his back pocket and in general, was a little pest!

Then it was time for their shots. They are like elephants – they never forget!

Dr. Phil got out the tubes to give them their shots. Unfortunately, Sammy saw what Dr. Phil was doing and went into one of his routines of running around his stall and slamming into the gate. He knew what was coming.

Delilah was first. She just stood there while Dr. Phil first gave her bamamine to dull any pain from the shot and then followed with the injection for Rhino-Virus and Encephalitis. When he was finished, he gave her a big pat, told her what a good girl she was and braced himself for Sammy!

We got Sammy corralled, and Dr. Phil gave him the first shot of bamamine and then gave him the same injection he gave Delilah.

Then the show began!

We didn’t even get out of the stall and Sammy went into his routine. First, he ran around the stall, kicking his little hind hooves in the air. Then he threw himself down and rolled in the straw, all four legs in the air. He jumped up, ran around and threw himself down again, rolling as if he could scrape off the injection!

We all stood there laughing at his antics! I think that just made it worse as he continued his little show for several minutes. What a boy!

My friend and neighbor has a Belgian, also named Sammy, who has the same type of personality as my Sammy, he’s just a lot bigger. We have the same Amish farrier, Johnny, who takes care of our animals. Johnny has said a number of times, with a laugh, if he ever has another son, he sure won’t name him Sam!

After Dr. Phil left, things returned to normal, if there is such a thing, in the barn and all was right with Sammy’s world.

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