Reader Contribution by Lisa Doucette
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Well, here’s a quick update on Woody.

He’s doing wonderfully!

He’s pulling through his illness.

The vet came over Friday night and checked him out. She (Dr. MacHattie’s daughter!) gave us extra meds, took his temperature, listened to his lungs and heart and did all the things that doctors do to sick babies.

She also took a sample home … if you know what I mean. Ewwww.

She called Monday to say he had no parasites or anything out of the ordinary. 

So Woody just had the stomach flu. Go figure.

He’s supposed to be down to one bottle a day of milk, but since he’s lost so much weight, I’m keeping him on two bottles a day for a few more days. He’s still on penicillin because his umbilicus was swollen. (I really should have asked what that meant!)

And another day of electrolytes and Kaopectate for a bit longer.

Dr. Nicole gave us a BIG bottle of Kaopectate. This way I don’t have to run to every drugstore in the area and clean them out!

It’s kinda funny. Whenever I go in a drugstore in the area now and ask for Kaopectate, they know either a goat is sick or a cow.

People are starting to know me. 

Too funny.

But all in all, Woody is doing A-OK!

Have a Blessed Day,


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