Happy Independence Day from Green Eggs and Goats

Reader Contribution by Heather Jackson
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Helloooooo there!

Beulah Belle the Jersey Cow here!

Happy Independence Day! Or as the animals here call it, happy shoot-fireworks-and-scare -the-pants-off-of-us day! Well, we don’t wear pants, but you get my drift …

Anyway, summer is in full swing here at the farm. It seems like the farmers spend half their time just filling water bowls or watering their garden, which looks delicious, but they aren’t nice about sharing with us animals at all! The chickens, however, have been enjoying horn worms that the farmers pick off the tomatoes. YUCK is all I have to say about that!

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This is Beulah Belle the Jersey Cow signing off! Have a safe and happy 4th everyone!

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