And My Projects Begin A Bit Early

Reader Contribution by Lisa Doucette
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We had put our name at the local dairy farm for two bull calves this year. Like I mentioned in my last post, we’re going to raise one for us and one to donate the meat to people in need.

I wanted the calves around mid-February to early March. Because we do have lots of goats milk in a freezer in the basement (that’s an understatement! It’s a FULL freezer of milk) that’s getting old and needs to be used up. So I figured it would get rid of most of the milk and by then the does would have kidded.

Well, things NEVER go according to plan. Last weekend the dairy called and said they had two calves if we wanted them. I was like, uh, ummm well … but when they said one was crossed with a beef breed I said yes right away!

You NEVER get them crossed with a beef breed. That meant that one of them is going to have lots more meat on it when it’s time for the butcher.

So Dave went to get them a few days later.

When he gets home he tells me that the brown one is a heifer!

HOLY COW!!! Pardon the pun.

They only want purebred Holsteins at the dairy and somehow one of the girls got in with a beef bull.

(Go figure)

I take one look at Daisy’s (that’s what I called her, not a bright move I know.) long eyelashes and think there is no way on God’s green earth I can eat this cute little thing.

So I get a brainwave and tell Dave, “We could raise her and breed her!!”

Uh …. no.


I didn’t realize that heifers have to be 2 years old to breed, then another year of gestation, then another year for the calf to grow to maturity. Sooooo … 4 years down the road, we’d have meat!

Plus the main thing is that she was sold to us on the condition that she goes for meat.

So we are people who keep our word and Daisy will go for … meat this fall.

That just kills me.


Also, if I told you how much we paid for these two you would not believe it!! Extremely cheap. I’m almost tempted to get another one … maybe not.

Because after only being here for five days, the freezer is almost empty!!!

We’re going to have to buy calf starter because I can’t give the calves all the milk. I have soap orders to fill and I can’t make goat’s milk soap with milk I’ve purchased from the store.

Ain’t gonna happen.

So what we saved on the price of the calves we’re going to pay in calf starter.

Oh well, it’s all a worthy cause.

Have a Blessed Day


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