A Surprise Blessing In the Barn

Reader Contribution by Nancy Addie
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Once in awhile my animals will surprise me with wonderful gifts! Two weeks ago I went out to the barn to feed, water and entertain when my girl llama Sweetie gave me the surprise of my life. This one melted my heart and made words come out of my mouth like … What? Huh? No way! Oh my goodness!

Just under her was a brand new baby, he hadn’t even been up on his legs yet! We were told that our boy llama ‘Stormie’ was a gelding so we were not expecting any babies! I guess his parts were working after all! I was shocked to see this adorable little baby, with the sack still on him looking up at me. I watched him struggle to get up on wobbly legs. When he finally got up, he stepped over to mama and immediately started to nurse. Our sweet girl … a mother! I praised mama and stood for a few minutes, gazing at the little miracle in front of me.

We have had so much death and heart break the last six months, I realized this gift from above was a blessing! No matter how hard life seems to get, there is always something that the Father will send your way to let you know that you are not alone, you are loved and in His hands. We decided to name our little gift Promise, on the encouragement of our friend Regina, and because he is a promise from God that He is still in control. A promise that all the tears have been wiped away and brighter days are on the way.

Our little Promise is thriving now, even though he wears a pink winter jacket due to the extreme early cold snap (its the only one that we could find that fit him). It was a joy to  see him prance across the pasture the other day, in all his pink glory! Skinny little legs were kicking up and galloping from one end to the other with mama close behind.

Our precious baby llama has been a hit to all our Facebook friends who follow us, he is everyone’s favorite animal. I am so thankful that Promise is in our crazy animal herd. I’m sure he will give me lots to write about in the future and bring a smile to all who will venture out to meet him.

The vet visited to check on our little Promise this past week too. He checked Sweetie’s friend Violet and matter of factly announced that another little blessing may not be far behind. That adventure has yet to unfold and is for another day.

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