Liquid Gold…No, No, Not the Furniture Polish!

Windy Meadows Farm

nature’s sweetener…

liquid gold…

the Greeks even called it the nectar of the gods…  

Whatever you like to call it, we now have some of our very own…  

HONEY, that is!

A trip to the hive (all suited-up of course), and the help of a good neighbor, found us with frames of capped honey ready to be extracted!  Yay!  After our recent swarm, we just weren’t quite sure what we’d find on our next hive inspection.    

But before we knew it, our extractor was spinning off glorious honey! 

When all the frames had been extracted, we opened the gate and watched the honey pour into the sieve, which would filter and catch any wax.  

After all the honey was in the pail, we tightened the lid and let it sit for two days to allow the bubbles to rise to the top. And here’s a sampling of what we now have in Mason jars just waiting to be drizzled over warm biscuits and thick slices of homemade bread…

It’s been an interesting year filled with beekeeping lessons and new experiences, but one taste of this, and it’s all worth it!

Thanks, girls!

Mary is a Midwest farmgirl who enjoys the simple pleasures of living in the country. “For us, living where there is plenty of room for gardens, animals, and for kids to play and explore is the best kind of life.” You can visit Windy Meadows Farm here…    Windy Meadows Farm

Published on Jul 12, 2013

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