Hatching Eggs: Our Newest Addition to the Coop

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Our newest addition is here!

Baby Renee (or Rene) arrived this week and the coop is in quite a stir!

Proud and protective Mama Claire is upset by her sudden move to the house.

We didn’t expect the eggs to actually hatch (actually, we didn’t believe that Clyde has been successful at doing his “job” with how clumsy he is), so we weren’t prepared for a baby chick in winter.

We moved Mama, Baby, and 1 un-hatched egg into the house (my craft room/multi-purpose room) in a dog crate. All seem to be doing well.

I am choosing to live in denial and state that the baby chick is a girl (Renee). Jay, on the other hand, insists on bursting my bubble with his “living in the real world” sense of reality and reminds me that it could be a boy (Rene). Actually, his words were “I think it’s a boy.” The chick is 24 hours old and impossible to sex by 2 rookie chicken farmers, so I’ll continue with my denial and call “her” Renee. Anyone had any experience with re-introducing a Mama and new Baby to the coop? I’d love some advice.

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