Don't Confuse Hospitality with Endurance

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I’ve always liked that phrase. And, at our place, on our 40 acres, it fits.

Our daily company is growing … and the word is out that we are kind to creatures who show up at our door. Like the wild turkeys. Meleagris gallopavo.

You can set your watch by them. Knowing we begin feeding exactly at 4:00 p.m., (which is actually 3:00 p.m. as we don’t change our clocks…) they arrive, one by one.

At first, they stuck out like a sore thumb.

And our roosters were leary … wondering if they would woo our hens.

But after the first day, they fit in and came and left with little fanfare.

That was months ago.

Now, the beautiful birds are here to stay. Considering us home.

And why not … they are God’s creature. Beautiful. And wonderfully made.

Right down to the tail feathers.

So for now, the fowl are not calling foul.

Although I still haven’t figured out how they all know to gobble at precisely the same second.

Even with the gobble, all is well with our roosters.

And their bigger, loftier cousin.

Until tomorrow, as always, God willing.