Queen Right Colonies’ Attractive Lincoln Log Beehives

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Some Queen Rights Colonies hives incorporate a Lincoln-log design that resonates with folks’ pasts.

 “Our Lincoln log beehive is popular with beekeepers who garden, and they like to go over the top with the look,” says Sheila St. Clair, co-owner of Queen Right Colonies (QRC) in Spencer, Ohio.

The design is exclusive to the family business, which has sold hives and more since 1995. They currently have the largest bee equipment showroom and warehouse in Ohio. Since St. Clair and her husband are beekeepers themselves, they also can provide practical advice to customers.

“Everyone used to have bees,” St. Clair says, and interest in raising them is growing again. People recognize bees’ importance for food production and appreciate a hobby that helps the environment and produces healthy food.

The top-of-the-line hives start at $360, but St. Clair notes QRC offers a full line of supplies, including regular hives made of cypress and pine, starting at $75.

To learn more, call 440-647-2602 or visit QueenRightColonies.com

Reprinted with permission from Farm Show Magazine.

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