What’s Your Favorite Recipe?

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When cooler weather hits, many of us cook. I have a few favorite recipes, and this time of year is when they once again make an appearance in my kitchen.

Plus there is a stack of cookbooks on my desk, just waiting for me to look at them, try a recipe or two and review them for you (and me). I particularly am looking forward to checking out The Complete Slow Cooker Cookbook, Mrs. Rowes Little Book of Southern Pies, and The Big Sur Bakery Cookbook. Stay tuned for those reviews.

What’s your favorite cookbook this time of year? What’s the best recipe for autumn’s crisp temps? We’d like to hear what’s creating that wonderful aroma in your kitchen, what dishes appear on your dinner table and which foods your family loves. Let us know in the comments section below. Who knows? We just might publish a few of them in a future Recipe Box!