The Waterwheel Finds a Home

On Friday April 11, 2008, the waterwheel made it’s final journey to it’s resting place. A place where over 100 years ago another water wheel stood. We hope this one will be here for many years to come.

My husband and I loaded the waterwheel, and it began the long track from the shop where he built the wheel to the creek.

It is about a 3/4 mile trip.

We made it across the rock bridge.

The new Mill Pond. Yes, we are putting the original mill pond back too!

We made it to the field beside the creek.

Now comes the fun part of unloading the waterwheel.

Tying the rope around the top of the wheel and to a tree to hold the wheel in place.

Hooray! The wheel is unloaded!! This was after several hours.

It is now around 6:30 in the evening. The wheel is unloaded. I still have to finish cleaning out the chicken brooder, bring the clothes in off the line, cook supper, and feed the animals.

My thoughtsWhy after 33 years do I still get talked into these projects?

Tomorrow is another day.

After a very good night’s sleep we finish setting the wheel at it’s new home.

The Waterwheel is home. I sat on the bank and took this picture. I was sore from my head to my toes. Bruises everywhere. I looked at the waterwheel and it was like looking at home. Something that you know is supposed to be there.

Now, I know why after 33 years of marriage I still get talked into these projects. I felt that old familiar feeling of accomplishment. Proud of my husband. Proud of me.

We did it ourselves. By ourselves. For ourselves. And it felt good.

There is a whole lot left to this project. I hope you will join me as we get the wheel up and running this spring and summer.

Note: We did get the wheel up and running.

The mill pond and rock bridge is finished. Well almost. We are still working around the pond finishing with the clearing and planting grass. I will have more on the water wheel, the rock bridge, and the old mill pond soon! There is always an adventure right around the corner!

Have a great day!

  • Published on Feb 11, 2010
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