Sheep Shearing Completed, Fiber Ready for Spinning Into Yarn

The day a shepherd waits for is shearing time each year. Well, ours has come and gone and what a great day it was. We had the shearer’s here in the morning, along with some friends to help with the job and the festivities began.

Sheep 2 by 2 were shorn, yearly injections, worming and hooves trimmed done on each one, getting them ready for the summer months. It was a kind of spa day for the sheep.

We all settled in for a huge brunch when shearing was completed, then the skirting (cleaning) of the fleeces was started. We clean the really dirty parts from the sheep, which on ours is only the belly and neck wool because we keep them covered with coats all year to protect the fleeces. Hand spinners and knitters like that. There is no hay to pick out as the spinning begins.

So, each fleece is skirted and bagged, ready for the mill to do the real processing which is washing, picking and putting it into roving, ready to spin into yarn.

Now my fun begins! Spin, spin, spin my own sheep’s wool. It’s wonderful to have your own animal’s fiber flowing through your hands and fingers while spinning it into wool. So all is well this week on Dream Come True Farm and life is good.

Next it will be time for some goats milk soap making to put out into our farm shop, so check back with Dream Come True Farm, here on GRIT. ~Pam

  • Published on May 3, 2011
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