September-October 2014 Issue

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From the September/October 2014 issue:

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Can-Do Food Preservation and Freezing Fruits & Vegetables
The water-bath canning method and other preservation techniques are affordable, approachable, and low pressure.

Happy Hauling
Find the right livestock trailer for all your pulling needs.

2014 GRIT Homesteaders of the Year
Five families display their self-sufficiency skills in hopes of inspiring the next generation of homesteaders.

Plant One for the Bees
Make your garden a pollinator’s paradise with a little research and planning.

Growing Giant Gourds
A few tips for growing some boss squash.

Bottle Baby 101
No matter the species of stock you raise, if mom is unavailable, sometimes the animal husband has to fill the void.


Our View
Blue Ribbon Crab Apple JellyHank remembers making award-winning crab apple jelly with his mother.

Mail Call 
Favorite Preservation Methods; Making Hay; Something’s Fishy; Close Call; Recoup the Coop; Vinegar Works; Liking Leeks Entirely; Horse Buyers Beware

Friends & Neighbors
4-Row EarthWay Seeder and a Varmint-Proof Garden Fence from our friends at Farm Show.

From GRIT Gazette:
Hometown Buzz

Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC)
Right to Farm
Prairie Festival
Vermicomposting With Rodale
Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest
Simply Living Farm Tour

Cooperative Grocery Story Helps Keep Cowtown Alive

Comfort Foods: Whole-Grain Baking
Great-tasting, nutritious bread, biscuits, muffins and cookies made with whole-grain flours.

Looking Back: One Step Ahead
Chore time was a race when the threat of snakes was in the air.

Recipe Box: Soups for Every Occasion
Request for sausage, bean and kale soup prompts a collection of fall and winter favorites.

Sow Hoe: Great Things Come in Small Packages
Even with limited space – indoors or out – nutrient-dense microgreens grow almost anywhere.

In the Shop: The Ultimate DIY Backyard Chicken Tractor
Let your chickens forage on fresh ground every day.

In the Wild: North American Bears
Get to know a little bit about the three most common species.

  • Published on Oct 8, 2014
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