May/June 2017

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From the May/June 2017 issue:

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Choosing Used Cast-Iron Cookware
Find quality used cast-iron cookware without breaking the bank.

Historic Shepherds’ Huts
Old-fashioned shepherd’s hut continues to provide shelter for both sheep and shepherd.

Zero In on a Zero-Turn Mower
Consider your land maintenance to choose the right zero-turn mower for you.

Acreage Mowers: Walk-Behinds, Tow-Behinds, and Tractor-Mounted Mowers
Find the big acreage mower that’s just right for you.

Landscaping to Conserve Energy and Save Money
Create a beautiful and welcoming space around your home while conserving energy.

Start a Fruit Farm Business
Earn supplemental income with a suburban farm business and growing fruit.

The Nature of Things
A neglected, yet successful garden brings to mind the lessons learned from a favorite ag author.

Coyote Population Control
Curb the coyote population to protect your livestock.

DIY Root Cellars
How to build a root cellar that fits your home and your needs to save money.

Breeds of Chickens for Your Climate
Select breeds of chickens well-suited to your climate, and avoid losing animals to extreme temperatures.


Our View
Catch of the Day

Mail Call
Homemade Bread, Bacon Recipe, Irish Heritage, Birdhouse Tips, Guinea Hogs

Friends & Neighbors
Portable Solar-Powered Livestock Waterer & Easy Upright DIY Planter from our friends at Farm Show.

GRIT Gazette: Hometown Buzz
Recreational Ornithology
Fly Control for Livestock
Pastured Pigs Course
Wetlands Revival
Historic Plants from Monticello

Gazette: The Latest Buzz on Honeybees
Honeybees have seen better days, but efforts to boost their populations haven’t gone unnoticed.

Comfort Foods: How to Smoke a Brisket
Sometime this summer, use our expert’s secrets for how to smoke a brisket and prepare and smoke the juiciest brisket you’ve ever made.

Recipe Box: Blue Ribbon Baked Beans Recipes
Sweet, savory, or somewhere in between, these baked beans recipes are sure to please everyone at the table.

American Heirlooms: Grow Lesser-Known Nightshade Plants: Ground Cherry, Cape Gooseberry, Tomatillo and More
Every knows about potatoes and tomatoes, but give it a go growing the ground cherry, cape gooseberry, tomatillo, or even wonderberry this vegetable garden season.

Sow Hoe: A History of Victory Gardens
Victory gardens and civilian efforts to support their troops led to full dinner tables and a nation united.

In the Shop: DIY Plans — Build a Garden Harvest Basket
A beautiful and functional garden harvest basket allows you to rinse vegetables (or eggs!) immediately after gathering.

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