March/April 2017

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From the March/April 2017 issue:

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Planning a Garden with the Annual Seed Catalogue
Planning a garden and choosing vegetable varieties provided plenty of winter entertainment.

Choosing a Tiller
Find all of the information you need for choosing your next garden tiller.

Big Tillers: Tow-Behind Tillers and Tractor-Mounted PTO Tillers
Tackling big tillers, and top considerations when buying or renting, will set you up to excel on larger tilling and property maintenance jobs.

Home Brew 101
Make your own home brew craft beer, and you can save a buck — it’s easier than you think!

Raising Pigs on a Small Scale
It’s possible to dang-near break even by raising pigs and supplying your family with farm-fresh pork on a yearly basis.

Growing Watermelon
From varieties to cultivation, watering, and harvest, growing watermelon has never been better than with our expert advice.

History of the American Barn
Discover the interesting history of American barn styles.

Growing and Making a Gourd Birdhouse
Make a natural structure to attract a variety of birds to your yard by growing and making a gourd birdhouse.

A Little Llama Drama
Find out why these camelids make great homestead companion pets.

Livestock Birth 101
Experience a successful livestock birth on your homestead with this expert advice.


Our View
St. Patrick’s Day: A Special Holiday

Mail Call
75 and Still Going Strong, Decades of Wood Heat, Breaking Bread, Bread and Soap Memories, Hefty Cookware, Early Farm “Internships,” Young Farmer, What’s a Girl to Do?

Friends & Neighbors
Fishing Line Deer Fence for the Garden & a DIY Forklift Elevator for the Shop or Barn from our friends at Farm Show.

GRIT Gazette: Hometown Buzz
National Organic Standards Board Meeting
Tomato Grafting 101
Seeds Conference
Sandhill Crane Migration
DIY Homestead Planning

Gazette: Agriculture and Farm School
Agriculture-based schools provide students with farm know-how that complements their more general academic education.

Comfort Foods: Spring-Fresh Menu
With the first vegetables of the season straight from your garden or local farmer’s market, you can create a delicious, fresh meal that everyone will love.

Recipe Box: Easter Brunch Recipes
Try these delicious yet simple recipes for a beautiful Easter brunch spread.

American Heirlooms: Historical Heirloom Tomatoes
Grow a piece of history in your garden with a few historical heirloom tomato varieties.

In the Wild: All About Pronghorns
Pronghorns — maybe you’ve heard them referred to as pronghorn antelope — are incredibly fast runners, have extraordinary eyesight, and are heritage wildlife of the North American Great Plains.

In the Shop: How to Make Farm Stand Signs
Gather barn wood or other materials around the farm and successfully market your produce by building farm stand signs that highlight your farm-fresh vegetables and more.

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