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Each of the Ogden publications creates an electronic newsletter of some type, and some titles have more than one. GRIT‘s is called GRIT eNEWS, and it’s become my baby.

The newsletter’s been hitting cyberspace since September 2007, and we moved it to weekly publication earlier this year. Each week, I dig through e-mail and paper press releases to see what might interest our readers. Hank often forwards e-mails he’s received for GRIT eNEWS, so between the two of us, the file is usually fairly full.

Most issues are filled with new information, though we have been known to spotlight blog posts or articles from our current print issue, and we’ve occasionally also highlighted an article from one of our sister publications. Those save a bit of time. It’s fun, though, to discover something a bit different.

This week, for instance, we spotlighted an exhibit on WASPS, women pilots who served in World War II. It’s Women’s History Month, afterall. And a culinary challenge in Michigan found its way on the menu. Then we spotlighted two articles from our March/April issue – on Arbor Day and low-tech garden tools – and for our last spot, we again called for new members of our Editorial Advisory Board.

All the articles can be found on our website, just use the search function.

An e-mail from a member of our Marketing team prompted this post; Katie tells us that since one of GRIT‘s articles (on scissor sharpening) was featured in a DIY electronic newsletter published by our sister publication, Mother Earth News, the number of people signing up for GRIT eNEWS took a big leap. Which is great news for GRIT eNEWS!

This post is going to be on the short side – we’re under the gun for the May/June issue of GRIT – so I hope you’ll take a look at GRIT‘s website, our GRIT eNEWS and the other Ogden publications.