Get In Shape The Red Pine Mountain Way

Hello everyone.  Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I have a challenge for you and if you choose to continue reading, I’m going to make you work.  Has your waist line expanded over the winter?  Mine did.  But now with summer around the corner and short sleeves, shorts and bathing suits soon to make an appearance, it’s time to do something about those winter bulges.  Never fear.  We have time.  Let’s get started with our workout.

Always make sure you warm up and the best way to do that is stretching.  Now, reach for the sky!  Do you feel the stretch?  That’s good.  You’re doing a great job.  Now hold it just a second longer.  Feel the burn.

You’re doing great.  We’re on our way.  Now let’s try some leg lifts.  Bored with ordinary leg lifts?  Then try them on a balance beam for an added challenge.  Good job!

Let’s add in some resistance work and really isolate those muscles.  Grab your rope everyone and STRETCH.  Really elongate that neck.  Beautiful!

Getting bored?  Let’s add in some role playing.  Swing that rope around.  Pretend you’re a cowboy or perhaps a snake charmer.  Use your imagination.  Have some fun. 

There you go.  You did it.  All warmed up.  Let’s start the cardio and get those heart rates up.  How would you like to do it?  Sports you say?  Good idea.  What do you suggest?  Tobogganing?

So sorry.  There’s not enough snow.  But what if we turn that toboggan into a surf board and ride those waves?  Feel the wind in your hair.  Your looking fine, feeling fine.  Show everyone your incredible balance.  You’re amazing! 

There you go.  You did it!  You deserve a rest but remember to pick up the equipment.

Thanks everyone for joining me in my workout routine today.  I had a blast and I hope you did too.  We’ll be ready for summer in no time at all.

Mountain Man, Mountain Woman and her gang of clicker trained turkeys, chickens, horses and donkeys can always be found doing something out of the ordinary at Red Pine Mountain

  • Published on Apr 20, 2011
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