Traitor Caps Righteous Kill

| 9/19/2008 9:44:20 AM

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Watch Don Cheadle in Traitor

Recently, I read a blog post in which the blogger says something to the effect that this summer has been the best summer for movies in a long time. I’m not sure what multiplex this person attends, but I have to disagree with him, and it may be a case of my being much more picky as to what movies I spend my time and money on these days. This summer has found me renting or watching from my own collection more often than I’ve gone to the theater.

There have been exceptions, of course. Recently, Traitor was my movie of choice, and it was a good one. Starring Don Cheadle (who is genius on the screen, as far as I’m concerned), the movie examines the gray areas of today’s world, and proves once again that we can no longer look at events or our world in black and white.

Guy Pearce portrays an FBI agent in Traitor.

Samir Horn (Cheadle) is on the FBI’s radar, as by-the-book Agent Roy Clayton (Guy Pearce) looks into increasing terrorist activities. As Clayton and his partner Max Archer (Neal McDonough) close in, Horn becomes more involved with a terrorist cell, and the entire time, there are reactions and meetings that have the audience wondering what’s really going on. Is it Horn? Or the FBI agents? Or the people Horn works with?

In a delicate balance, director Jeffrey Nachmanoff (who wrote the screenplay from a story he co-wrote with Steve Martin; yes, that Steve Martin) goes from Clayton’s relentless hunt for the truth to Horn’s inexplicable dive into terrorism, and back, and the result keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Nothing is what it seems.

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