Toro Snowblowers: A Guide to Choosing the Right Machine

| 12/14/2012 9:30:45 AM

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Toro Snowblowers 

If you’re looking to buy your first snowblower or upgrade to a bigger machine, knowing the different snowblower types can make you a smarter shopper.

Single- or two-stage snowblowers — which is best for you? Choosing the best snowblower for your needs really depends on the type of snow you have to move. Both single-stage and two-stage machines are great for clearing snow from your driveway and sidewalk, but they remove the snow differently, and each works best in different types of snow situations.

How Toro Snowblowers Work

Single- and two-stage machines remove snow using different throwing actions. With a single-stage snowblower, a high-speed rotor gathers and throws the snow in one efficient motion. This type of snowblower cleans down to the pavement, eliminating the need to go back and shovel or sweep. Single-stage machines are great for most paved driveways and sidewalks. Because they clean down to the pavement, they should not be used on unpaved surfaces. They are best used to clear 2” to 9” of snow at a time and work well in wet slushy snow (due to the scooping action of their rubber paddles).  For deeper snows — regardless of whether you’re using a single-stage or two-stage model -- it is always best to clear it in the middle of the storm and again at the end. 

A two-stage snowblower is typically bigger and more powerful, making it a good choice for deep snow. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow each year, a two-stage snowblower can be the way to go. It’s perfect for tackling “lake effect” snow, snowfalls of 12 inches or more, or big snow drifts. Toro two-stage machines first gather the snow in with a heavy-duty, serrated auger. Then, a high-speed impeller takes over, launching the snow from the chute, and throwing it out of your way. Two-stage snowblowers are perfect for large driveways, gravel surfaces, and compacted snow.  

Toro has developed an online tool to help you choose your next snowblower. Visit the snow selector tool to help determine which model is right for you.   

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