Machines and technology from rural America

Windmill Energy Helped Settlers Move Westward

By Kasey Moomau

U.S. designers improved on designs of windmill water pump, demonstrating benefits of wind power. 

Rural Living Survival Basics: Purchase a Generator

By Ragnar Benson

A standby generator can be expensive, but it will make sure your homestead can continue running in an emergency. 

How do I Troubleshoot Gardening Equipment?

By Chris Downs

I keep getting this same question about troubleshooting garden equipment. Whether large or smaller motorized or electrical equipment, I have found a simple way to troubleshoot gardening equipment.

It's Firewood Season

By C. Dayton

We live by the seasons: mud, garden, firewood, and snow. We're ending firewood and on the way to snow, and our efforts are focused on getting the last of the wood into the woodshed.


Heatmor Announces New Product Under New Brand Name

Press Release

Heatmor is manufacturing a new line of gun safes under the brand name Reed Custom.

Installing Tire Chains on Your Vehicle

By Steven Gregersen

Tire chains make winter travel on icy roads much safer. Learn how to install them in this article.

Picking the Perfect Log Splitter

By Oscar H. Will III

Make free firewood from your woodlot or hedgerow using a log splitter.

Tool Wheel Proposed Product Stores and Organizes Tools

Press Release

The Tool Wheel is a multi-compartmental, wall-mounted receptacle and display unit, configured as a spinning wheel. It provides a more convenient way of managing, accessing, and transporting needed tools.