Machines and technology from rural America

Perfect Plow Adjustments

By Stephen Leslie

Without abandoning their horse-drawn methods, Eric and Anne Nordell work to make their adaptation of the two-way riding plow into the perfect piece of farming equipment.

DIY Pothole Repair Front-End Loader Attachment

By Farm Show

With a little cutting and welding, make your own pothole repair attachment for your front-end loader.

Best Guns for Homestead Use

By Brandon Hodgins

Find the best guns for hunting, varmint and predator control, and home defense.

How to Set Up a Kerosene Lamp (Video)

Get the most out of your kerosene lamp by knowing these tips for proper set up and use.


Essential Equipment for Camping Trips

Caleb Regan, Editor-in-Chief of GRIT Magazine, answers the reader-submitted question: “What common camping equipment is most vital to having a good camping trip?”

Michelin: More Than Just Tires

Press Release

Michelin, known for their tires, also provides a growing line of footwear and tools.

Passive Solar Winter Living

By Heidi Nawrocki

Why yes, the sun CAN heat your home in the winter!

When the Wind Blows and the Snow Falls

By Allan Douglas

A freakishly early winter storm causes difficulties: but we were prepared.