Machines and technology from rural America

Installing Tire Chains on Your Vehicle

By Steven Gregersen

Tire chains make winter travel on icy roads much safer. Learn how to install them in this article.

Picking the Perfect Log Splitter

By Oscar H. Will III

Make free firewood from your woodlot or hedgerow using a log splitter.

Tool Wheel Proposed Product Stores and Organizes Tools

Press Release

The Tool Wheel is a multi-compartmental, wall-mounted receptacle and display unit, configured as a spinning wheel. It provides a more convenient way of managing, accessing, and transporting needed tools.

Toro® Electric Snowblowers Pack Plenty of Power

Press Release

Lightweight, eco-friendly machines make snow removal easy.


Cell Phone Reception in the Country

By Jeff Morin

Guest blogger Jeff Morin shares how to improve cell phone reception if you live in the country.

Table Saw Safety and Calculated Risks

By Hank Will

Hank talks table saw safety and taking the occasional calculated risk to get things done in a pinch.

Kohler Engines Releases Closed-Loop EFI Propane Engine

Press Release

Kohler Engines released in October a new engine that combines the company’s closed-loop EFI (electronic fuel injection) technology with the benefits of propane.

Hunter Aims to Make Precise Irrigation Easier with Free Run Time Calculator

Press Release

Hunter Industries has developed and launched a new web application called the Hunter Run Time Calculator.