Machines and technology from rural America

Trimming Tools for the Homestead

By Tim Nephew

Keep your property in tiptop shape with these maintenance tools for rural acreage.

Tips for Your Tree and Bush Trimming and Pruning

Learn the basic components of proper pruning and trimming of trees, shrubs and bushes.

Ideas to Help Manage Your Brush and Weed Hotspots

Tools and tips for clearing underbrush and heavy weeds on your property.

Boil Water In Five Minutes

By Dave Canterbury and Jason A. Hunt

Get potable water in five minutes with these quick instructions.


Five Minute Shelter

By Dave Canterbury and Jason A. Hunt

Protect yourself from the elements with this quick shelter.

Deter Animals With an Electric Fence

By Ann Larkin Hansen

Protect your crops or livestock by setting an electric fence around your perimeter.

Best Guns to Protect Your Livestock against Coyotes

By Michael Greer

Take a look at these rifle recommendations for guarding your livestock against coyote attacks.

What to Know Before Purchasing a Generator for Your Homestead

By Bobbi Peterson

Homestead generators offer peace of mind and keep your place running smoothly, despite Mother Nature’s whims.