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Necessities for snow and ice

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The RM-5 plow fits ATVs and UTVs.

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Winter is going to really settle in during the next few months, and for people in colder climates, that means a lot of snow and a lot of work. Moose Utility Division has everything customers need to get their ATV or UTV outfitted for winter maintenance, whether that’s plowing, spreading ice-melting material or daily tasks that can’t wait for spring.

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RM-5 and V-plows

The latest additions to the Moose Utility Division winter line-up are the RM-5 and V-plow. Like all of the company’s plows, these latest options are made in the U.S.A. and designed for both durability and ease of use.


The RM-5 plow fits ATVs and UTVs, and it is easy to hook up thanks to a simple pull-pin system. The triangulated push tube is made from heavy-duty two-inch square steel tubing for maximum strength. The RM-5 features 30 inches of lift, and it is compatible with all of Moose Utility Division’s straight or county blades. The standard plow blade has a curved design that provides better snow and dirt roll-off at any angle, while the county plow blade features a “wing” design and a blade curve that guides snow up and away from the surface that is being cleared.


The V-plow is for larger vehicles of 700cc and up, and it has a manual adjust system so a customer can fine-tune the setup. The V-plow blades, available in 72-inch or 82-inch sizes, taper up from the center of the blade to increase the plowing capacity. Customers can also opt for a hydraulic turn kit to aid with blade angle adjustments.


Moose Utility Division also has tire chains for ATVs, making it easy to travel over snow and ice while increasing pulling capacity for those winter jobs. The chains are available for virtually any ATV thanks to four different sizes, and each set comes packaged in a toolbox-style storage case for safekeeping in the warmer months.

A tire chain tensioner is also available to keep chains tight and even once they have been mounted. The heavy rubber tensioners, sold in pairs, have seven connection points that mount to the chain.

Going out in winter weather often means dealing with bad visibility, and a beacon warning light helps make an ATV easier to spot by others. The 12-Volt light has a heavy-duty magnetic base so no drilling is necessary, and a 12-foot power cord makes the placement options virtually limitless. The beacon light can be paired with an extension pole that bolts onto an ATV rack to give the light another 2.5 feet of height. The top platform of the pole allows the magnetic light to mount securely.

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Published on Oct 27, 2021
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