Wattage Per Household Appliance

Choosing the Right Generator

To choose the right generator, you need to accurately estimate your power requirements. Here’s a sample of wattages required by typical household appliances and tools. Start-up figures are momentary, they occur for a few seconds when a motor is switched on. (To find power ratings for your tools and appliances, check their manuals or read the information stamped on the device.)

Appliance                                   Start-up Watts          Operating Watts

Furnace fan                                 1,400                        700

Well pump (½ horsepower)         1,500                        750

Refrigerator                                 1,500                        800

40-gallon water heater                 n/a                             3,000

Freezer                                        2,000                        800

VCR                                           n/a                             50

Radio                                          n/a                             100

TV/Computer                              n/a                             350

Microwave                                  n/a                             750

Sump pump                                 1,400                        750

Washing machine                         1,500                        750

Coffee maker                              n/a                             850

2-slice toaster                              n/a                             1,100

Plug-in heater                              n/a                             1,500

7¼-inch circular saw                    1,500                        750

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