Watering System and Other Updates at the Urban Ranch

| 7/2/2010 9:04:07 PM

A photo of Nebraska Dave

Hey folks, I'm glad you could make it back. After shuttling a herd of kids to vacation bible school and back last week I'm thinking that I'd never make it as a school bus driver. I'd much rather crawl under porches and move heavy concrete slabs than have to control a bunch of kids. Wow, am I getting old or what? Understand that I love kids but just not in big groups with me in charge.

Many of you have older houses and can identify with the maintenance that goes into keeping the house in good working order. Mine is not nearly as old as some that blog here but still at 45 years old it has its issues from time to time. One day when I was away from home, my daughter called me in a panic saying that water was coming from under the sink. At first I thought it to be another dish washer issue. This picture was when I had to replace the dishwasher a couple years ago. I didn't have to get this far into the cabinetry this time, but it gives you an idea of what's up with the plumbing. The issue this time was a seal up under the sink which required taking down all the parts and replacing some of the seals. Once again the area under the sink is dry.

Dave Under the Sink

Here's the Poor Man's Patio with the trellis and the pole beans starting to grow. I had hoped that the pole beans would cover up the sides a little faster than it is. Perhaps there's not enough sun to encourage prolific growth. Once the leaves get on the branches of the trees the patio is shaded most of the day. I might have to think about something else next year.

Poor Man Patio in July

Nebraska Dave
7/13/2010 3:27:43 PM

@Oz Girl, I do love when those temporary fixes work so well that I don’t have to permanently fix it. I am stilling laughing about the lady ready to give the whole family over to the toll booth lady. I’ve been on some of those trips. It’s a wonder we all made it back home alive. The patio is really looking great this year. I can give all the credit to the Grit bloggers who have helped me along with all this flower/container stuff. Without the folks here at Grit I’m afraid I would still have the black thumb of death. It just goes to show that one never gets too old to grow a flower. The dog days of summer hit with a vengeance today. Temperatures in the 90s today and up to 97 tomorrow make for a scorcher for sure. I might have to water the patio containers twice during these hot days. Maybe things will finally dry out a bit. I bet the toll booth can get quite hot as well. I’ll be going through Kansas again on August 16th but probably not close to you. I’m on the way to Syracuse to help with electrical wiring of a church sanctuary again but will stop off for a visit in Topeka before scampering across Kansas. Syracuse is just north of Sublette the last place I helped with. This time we get to camp out on air mattresses in the church while we work there. At least it will be cool. I’ve experienced some of those Kansas summer days before. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. I hope all your summer adventures will be cool ones.

Nebraska Dave
7/13/2010 3:02:27 PM

@Cindy, I bet things are transitioning into shrub, tree, and bush sales and gearing up for the fall planting about now. Most of the box stores are done with the spring plant sales and will be useing the space for more summer oriented plants. We are either feast or famine here with rain. Either it rains a inch or two in a torrential down pour or we dry out for a few days. I’ve had to water the patio this year and don’t have the automatic system up like last year. I’ll have to get it up and running as I’m going to be away from home for about 10 days and all those containers will definitely need watering while I’m gone. Thank you for the Coleus answer. I didn’t even know that they would bloom. It is surprising how quickly the containers will dry out after a huge rain. I guess those containers can only hold so much water and it evaporates quickly. I’m just about to give all the patio plants some Miracle Grow as a mid summer boost. They do look great so far. The garden is doing so well I think I’ll hold off on the Miracle Grow. The bug population here is thriving and Deep Woods Sportsmen Off has become my friend. The weather has just been wacky here and who knows what will happen the rest of the summer. Thanks for stopping by and answering my question.

Oz Girl
7/13/2010 7:58:32 AM

Oh isn't it wonderful when a temporary fix works forever... LOL. Re: the kids. Yep, I'm with you on that one. Once you raise yours, somehow the thought of being around kids 24/7 just isn't appealing anymore. I had a lady yesterday who came through my toll booth lane, and she was dead serious when she said she wanted to drop off her "kids" with me (this included her husband!!) I jokingly told her she could pull forward and left into our parking lot and leave them in our lobby and she deadpanned she just might do that as she couldn't stand the whining in the car much more! Everything looks great at your "urban" ranch Dave. Like you, trouble is finding the time to do all the things we want to do around our acreage. List is a mile long, and I always remind the hubby: look at what we've crossed off and accomplished, not at the long list of what's left to do. That way, you realize you HAVE accomplished much and you don't feel defeated re: the things that are left. :-)

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