Unique Gifts for Dad

Ties and watches may be nice, but fathers are guys, too. And what guy doesn’t like a good gadget, a helpful piece of gear or a whirling gizmo?

| June 19, 2009

Finding the perfect, not so "been there, done that" gift for Dad can be a challenge at best. To help America's families thrill Dad with gifts he'll "really" love this year, CableOrganizer.com offers this group of gotta-get-it gadgets and gear that will ensure he's duly appreciative all year through:

Autoloader® Multi-Bit Screwdriver with 31-Piece Bit Set

This revolutionary screwdriver allows Dad to change bits in just seconds. Simply pull back the handle, select the desired bit from those stored in the screwdriver’s body and push the handle forward. The bit of choice is instantly loaded. ($44.90) 

'The Sanctuary' Power Charging Station and Desk Valet Combo

A refuge for PDAs, cell phones and MP3 players, The Sanctuary has 12 built-in connections compatible with more than 1,500 of today's most popular electronic devices, including a USB connection providing hundreds of possibilities. ($103.20) 

Logitech LX300 Ergonomic Cordless Keyboard and Mouse

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