Technology Is Great – When It Works

| 6/23/2014 11:36:00 AM

Ginnie BakerI have always liked new technology and gadgets. That starts with bright red sports cars to the newest cellphone and PC apps. At the same time, I’ve always liked early history, especially about life in the Colonies.

This past week was a challenge and made me think a lot about how people lived in those early days.

First, my PC wasn’t cooperating with the Internet. I lost access, and the PC had to be worked on several times.

Then, crews working on our rural road, replacing a culvert, severed the phone cable and put the entire road out of service. I didn’t have service restored for five days as they spliced the cable back together.

Since I worked for a major telecommunications company, I understood the implications of that type of cable cut and the amount of man-hours to get service restored.

It made me think a lot about life in the 17th century and whether I could have lived that life.