Something More

| 9/15/2016 11:25:00 AM

Mary photo

I think I've always had a sense of history ... always been drawn to things that are old. Old houses, weathered barns, vintage signs, they all pull me in. And while few of us remember when dandelions or mustard greens were gathered on the farm, still fewer remember when milk was churned into butter, vegetables kept fresh in the cellar, or the sound of whippoorwills late at night.

veggies in basket

There's something deeply personal about those hard won memories. And while I admit only the whippoorwills are a part of my past, I often wonder if today our fast-paced, wi-fi world is simply too soft. Emails and text messages have replaced lovingly, handwritten letters. Home-cooked meals can sometimes still be found, often only on Sunday ... fast-food seems the norm, and while chatting with neighbors over the backyard fence was once so common, it has been replaced with evenings of reality TV shows and video games.

Oh, I have a love/hate relationship with technology! Certainly it's opened up new worlds; we can learn so much, and yet, I often think it's taken the place of good, old-fashioned, "getting to know you" moments.

While at lunch with my mother-in-law recently, I was saddened to see a mother and son at a nearby table — both were on their phones. I don't know if they were playing games or surfing the net, but they were completely invisible to one another. Not once was there conversation or interaction during the meal. Finally, when it was time to leave, they looked up at each other.