Battery Maintenance: The Heart of Sustainable Power For Your Home

| 2/11/2014 8:33:00 AM

HISFarmBatteries are the heart of sustainable power for your home. Without proper battery maintenance, you will have system failures. When you live off-grid, you are the power company, water company and communications provider. The great news is that if there is a power outage in the nearby city, we would never know it. The bad news is that if we have a power outage, it is our responsibility to fix it.

The Battery Storage Bank for Your Power System

That is a small price to pay to have electricity from the sun, wind or fueled generator. Once you learn the system, maintain it properly, it becomes second nature and you can have your own reliable mini power company on your small scale farm and home.

As a U.S. Navy submariner, I have had great experience with electrical power generation and maintenance. Since we were completely reliant upon our own power systems, we became very focused on maintenance and operation.

Our most recent experience

We have moved into a house that had been “shut down” over six months. The wind and solar power system was in need of maintenance. The diesel and gas powered generators did not work. There is no electrical power lines or phone lines available where we now live.