Super Tool Returns!

In a return to tradition, Leatherman brings back the original heavy-duty multi-tool, the Super Tool 300, to help DIYers and working folk tackle the toughest jobs.

| August 14, 2009

Working folk and DIYers will appreciate the changes to Leatherman's Super Tool 300.

Working folk and DIYers alike will appreciate the changes to Leatherman's Super Tool 300.

courtesy Leatherman

This fall, Leatherman will be bringing back Super Tool® with plenty of new and upgraded features. The new Super Tool 300 continues the long tradition of preparing the working man and DIYers alike, for the expected and unexpected.

The new Super Tool has more than 10 years of compiled customer feedback and engineering expertise in every feature. Each one is designed to address the user who demands strength and quick access to tools for the toughest jobs.


Bigger, Beefier Pliers

Arguably the most important feature of the Super Tool 300; the pliers have been optimized for strength. To maintain the balance of materials when making room for the new removable wire cutters, more steel was added to key areas, making them the strongest, beefiest pliers we've ever produced. In addition, the neck of the pliers is sloped for reaching even further into tight spaces.


Removable Wire Cutters

Cutting wire – regular, stranded or hard – is a common application on the job. When frequent, heavy pressure is applied, cutters can become dented and dull, causing the pliers to stick and jam up. By making the regular/hard-wire cutters removable, they can be sharpened or replaced on the spot (replacement cutters sold separately). In addition, by optimizing the heat treatment process and replacing the standard stainless steel with premium 154CM, the wire cutters will hold an edge three times as long for maximum durability.

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